5 Examples to inspire your next website redesign.

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We find a bit eye candy can help get the creative juices flowing and inspire when you are considering your new, future website. Here’s some we found and in some cases made earlier….

1. Ebay


It’s all about colour with eBay. In direct competition with Amazon and their beige boxes, eBay uses fantastic bold colours and cool icons to grab your attention and stand out from their competition.

Sadly, we cannot lay claim to having designed or built the eBay site. Maybe one day…

ebay 2 


2. The kitchen of your dreams –

Christopher Howard


One we did make earlier: Christopher Howard. Two landing pages. One to promote bespoke handmade kitchens and the second to promote the Ever-Hot oven. Using parallax images, layering and background video we aimed to create a luxury, subtle and irresistible experience that just draws you in.



3. Kick Ass Hostels Edinburgh


We were hired to refresh this previously dated website. The goal was to capture the atmosphere and experience Kick Ass Hostels offer their guests. Lots of images of their great features, facilities and rooms, lots of information with lots of features. You never lose site of the book now button making booking quick and easy to do.



4. Trimontium


One of Scotland’s largest Roman archeological sites. Trimontium, this website had to deliver a lot of information in a user friendly, easy to navigate manner. We turned to the BBC website for inspiration and created an additional right-hand side navigation bar to make navigating the history of Roman Britain a user friendly and intuitive experience.

Featuring bold and bright colours, lots of picture navigation and movement throughout, this modern, popular website, took the Roman’s in to the 21st Century.



5. Ropeworks

A property website with a difference. Using images, calculated font hierarchy and great typography Ropeworks captures the urban history and nature of this new property development in Edinburgh. Featuring a property selector guide that is easy to follow and use, this website has driven hundreds of enquiries to date.


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