The power of email marketing automation!

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I’d say that automation is definitely a game-changer when it comes to your email marketing strategy, depending on what product or service you offer. By automating repetitive tasks and delivering personalised messages, your business can nurture leads and boost conversions. In this blog I’ll be explaining the benefits and various ways you can use email marketing automation. Let’s get those conversions in.

1. Welcome series: Make a memorable first impression

A well-crafted welcome series sets the tone for your relationship with new subscribers. You can introduce your brand, provide valuable resources and establish a connection. It’s important to know that welcome emails have higher open rates and engagement levels, making them an ideal opportunity to showcase your products or services, share customer success stories and encourage further interaction. Take advantage of it!

2. Abandoned cart emails: Recover lost opportunities

Abandoned carts are a common challenge for e-commerce businesses. This could be down to certain navigation issues with the site itself, so be sure to double check that! 

If there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong there, then it may just be the case of giving the potential customer a gentle nudge. With automation, you can automatically trigger personalised emails when a customer abandoned their shopping cart. These emails remind them of the items left behind, offer incentives like discounts or free shipping, and gently push them towards completing their purchase. Abandoned cart emails have proven to be highly effective in recovering lost sales and boosting revenue. 

3. Drip campaigns: nurture those leads

Drip campaigns are essentially a series of automated emails to nurture leads and guide them through the customer journey. By providing relevant and valuable content, you can gradually educate and engage your audience. Drip campaigns can be used to share educational resources, product features, offer exclusive discounts, or invite subscribers to webinars or events.. You’ll be able to consistently stay on top of mind and build that all important TRUST with your prospects.

4. Event triggered emails

Automation enables you to make the most of real-time opportunities by triggering emails based on specific events or actions. You can automate email notifications for product restocks, limited-time promotions or upcoming events. By sending out event-triggered emails you can provide relevant updates and create a sense of urgency to drive immediate action from your subscribers!

5. Personalised follow-ups

Automation allows you to send personalised follow-up emails based on specific customer actions or behaviours. For example, after a purchase, you can automate a “thank you” email along with related product recommendations. Based on customer interactions with your website or previous emails, you can also send targeted follow-ups to re-engage inactive subscribers, upsell or cross-sell products, or request feedback.

The other day I was searching through a clothing website. I clicked on a few items to take a closer look, but something else came up and I left it. About 20 minutes later, I received an email from the clothing shop with the subject line: “Still thinking about it? You’ve got great taste!”, and the email included the products I had looked at, essentially nudging me to complete my search and make a purchase.

These personalised emails create a tailored experience that strengthens customer relationships and encourages repeat business!

So, as you can see, email marketing automation is the perfect way to engage with your audience and follow them through their customer journey. From welcoming new subscribers to recovering abandoned carts and nurturing leads, automation offers so many benefits! Give it a try.

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