Running A Business Is Hard (A Rant)

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I was online this week and, as usual, I saw the ever-present adverts telling me that by doing just one thing, I would have more leads and sales for my business than ever before. All I had to do was download a free guide and every issue in my business would be solved. 

Well, let's face it - that is just total BS.

Running a business is hard and I know that I can’t fix your business or my business with just one document download.

There are hundreds of things we have to think about every day:

  1. Uncertainty and Risk: Running a business means living on the edge of uncertainty. The market is ever-changing, competition is fierce, and customers can be unpredictable. Even when you have planned for every eventuality, something completely out of the blue can hit you. (Remember Liz Truss)

  2. Cash: Let's face it, managing finances is a beast of its own. Juggling cash flow, collecting debt and counting every penny, it's a constant balancing act. And when unexpected expenses or economic downturns hit, it sometimes feels like an uphill battle, just trying to keep the ship afloat.

  3. Operational Overload: Delivering multiple projects, managing multiple customers, coordinating suppliers, handling inventory, dealing with legislation and even just ensuring everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis can turn your brain to mush.

  4. People Problems: Finding the right people to join your team is often like searching for unicorn tears. Hiring the wrong person can be a nightmare, and managing personalities and conflicts can be exhausting. Plus, being the boss means carrying the responsibility of leading your team, even when you're not feeling particularly inspired. 

  5. Marketing Mayhem: Standing out in a sea of competitors is a never-ending challenge. Building a brand, understanding your target market, and staying ahead of the game require constant change and innovation. And with social media and online marketing thrown into the mix, it can be a wild ride on the digital express. 

  6. Work-Life Whaaat? Running a business can often be a 24/7 affair that sucks up all your time and energy. The lines between work and personal life get blurry, and sometimes it feels like you're married to your business. Finding that elusive work-life balance becomes a personal quest, but trust me, it's worth it.

As I said, there is no magic bullet to running a successful business and I don’t pretend that I can help you with all the things I have talked about today. 

Where I CAN help you, is your sales and marketing. 

Book a call with me today and I will give you honest advice and feedback. I’ll look at your brand, your messaging and what you are currently doing and give you some advice on what to do next. I can’t promise to fix all your business problems but I can at least give you some peace of mind around your sales and marketing.

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