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Every day I receive marketing emails from companies, large and small, and every day at least 80% of them make me angry (only from a marketing point of view) because they fail to show real confidence in their product or service.  

They talk about their product or service in wishy-washy terms and don’t give me any reason whatsoever to even consider buying it. They just don’t show how brilliant their products are.

We all have at least one friend who is confident and believes in themselves and at least one friend who is less confident and doubts themselves and their abilities.  It may sound stereotypical, but which one of those friends tends to be more successful, have more fun, be less worried?

Business is exactly the same.

We have to promote our businesses, we have to tell our potential customers why they need to buy from us, and we have to be confident when we do it.

It is a very ‘British’ thing to underplay your achievements.  How often have you heard someone, who is very successful, saying things like, ‘I was just lucky’ or ‘I was in the right place at the right time’?. How often have you heard someone, who is exceptional at a sport saying ‘I’m all right’ when asked if they are any good?

It may be how we have been brought up, but if you want to be successful in your marketing, you must be confident in your product or service, you must be confident in your pricing, and you must be confident in how you tell people about it.

Here’s a very simple tip to use when you are writing your next marketing email or any communication with a potential customer.

Once you’ve written your email, read it and look for words like:

  • think, 
  • might, 
  • possibly, 
  • could, 
  • maybe etc. 

If these words are in your copy then you are probably not sounding confident in your product, which means your potential customer is unlikely to feel confident in you.

I’m going to sign off with 2 endings to this blog.  You decide which one makes you feel more confident in me.

I think some of the tips in this blog could help you write better marketing copy.

Use the simple tips in this blog and you will write exceptional marketing copy.


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