3 Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long Term Benefits - Part 1

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 09/02/2021 Marketing

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Eleven months of a pandemic has changed everything about how we live, work, socialise and play. What does this mean for businesses and your sales and marketing? 

While we’ve been ‘going digital’ now for decades the pandemic has accelerated this process. Businesses rush to move services online, retailers putting all their energy into creating ecommerce shops. Never before have we been so dependent on Amazon or Zoom to get through the day. So what can we do to take advantage of our new reliance on technology? How can this benefit your sales and marketing?

Here are 3 strategies you can use to market successfully now and post pandemic.

1. Focus on the customers you already have

We often get fixated in sales on attracting new customers as opposed to focusing on the customers we already have. If you have customers who have survived the economic downturn this far are likely to continue to do so. It’s worth reviewing your portfolio of clients or considering your average customer to determine where there are potential upselling opportunities for you or which customer groups are likely to have money to spend. 

Create ads and campaigns that focus on your customers' new needs? What’s changed for them? What new habits do they have? How could you help them? What additional value can you offer them. 

You might want to offer reduced prices for additional services so your customers can buy more from you. You’ll make more overall and your customers will appreciate it. 

Look out and care for your customers, clients and team when times are tough and unemployment rates grow. They will thank you for it in some way. You’re likely to see growth in your customers loyalty, brand awareness, organic traffic, social media and even new recommendations.

2. Invest in digital advertising

Ok you’re probably thinking well you would say that and you’d be right. But only because it makes sense that as our customers spend more time and money online, we too should invest more in our online presence and advertising. As more of us spend time at home and on social media, the ROI on PPC ads in many industries has skyrocketed. This is a good way to remind people that your business is alive and well and that you will be part of the ‘new normal’. 

Google advertising is a great way to attract potential customers proactively looking to buy your products and services. Facebook is a really cost effective and powerful marketing platform. With Facebook’s granular audience targeting capabilities, you can reach customers based on gender, location, hobbies, interests, relationship status and much more. Did you know that there are over 63k business owners in Scotland you can target on Facebook?

Your sales and marketing needs to be where you customers are and that’s online. 

Advertising is most effective when its done consistently and is repeated. Remarketing either on Google or Facebook, is another great sales strategy to try. With retargeting, you target ads at people who have already had some contact with you. Either visiting your website, landing page or online advertising. Referring to my first point about investing in your existing customers, it really is the same logic. 

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3. Increase your organic marketing

While face to face networking and events still seem like a long way off we have to find other ways to keep in touch with customers and keep our brand in front of them. Email marketing and social media have taken on a new importance as potential customers are now even more reliant on making their buying decision online. Where once your website was enough for customers to be convinced that you were a credible business they want to see how proactive you are on social media and what experience you offer. Also how often you keep in touch with your email marketing. 

It’s vital that your marketing is consistent and regular so that your customers don’t forget you’re there for them. 

Your website is also critically important as this is the beating heart of your online presence. It’s the front window of your business and how potential customers will judge you. This could be a great time to give it an overhaul and develop relevant messages that are relevant to your customers new needs.

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