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How to communicate value

Ruth McKay on 13/03/2024

What is the cost of true love?

Ruth McKay on 14/02/2024

5 Marketing predictions for 2024

Ruth McKay on 5/01/2024

Pitfalls to Avoid in Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

Ruth McKay on 29/11/2023

How B2B customers' behaviour has changed in the tech industry

Ruth McKay on 14/11/2023

Mastering LinkedIn Messaging

Ruth McKay on 8/11/2023

Turning harassment into sales success

Ruth McKay on 26/10/2023

How do you cut through the noise and get noticed?

Ruth McKay on 10/10/2023

How does your marketing increase your sales?

Ruth McKay on 5/10/2023

Embrace Risk to Win Trust and Customers!

Ruth McKay on 7/09/2023

Insider Sales Secret for Singular Success

Ruth McKay on 22/08/2023

Death of the Sales Dance

Ruth McKay on 15/08/2023

Self-service is king

Ruth McKay on 8/08/2023

Shifting customer behaviour: It’s impact on your business

Ruth McKay on 4/08/2023

The top social media trends for 2023

Ruth McKay on 29/03/2023

Content to get your creative juices flowing

Ruth McKay on 22/03/2023

The Technical Side of Social Media Marketing

Ruth McKay on 7/03/2023

What disaster awaits in 2023? Maybe none (for a change)

Ruth McKay on 10/02/2023

The secret to aligning your sales and marketing

Ruth McKay on 1/02/2023

Top marketing trends for 2023

Ruth McKay on 13/01/2023

What’s Next - Five things to stave off the next (marketing) apocalypse ?

Ruth McKay on 14/12/2022

The one critical success factor you need to know for 2023

Ruth McKay on 8/12/2022

Recession Proof Your Business - Marketing is Key

Ruth McKay on 1/12/2022

Keep feeding your customers content demands 

Ruth McKay on 17/11/2022

Content is King

Ruth McKay on 11/11/2022

How does the cost of living crisis affect your customers?

Ruth McKay on 26/10/2022

Discover if digital marketing will work for your business

Ruth McKay on 21/10/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 9 - Outstanding experiences

Ruth McKay on 4/10/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 8 - Take action

Ruth McKay on 29/09/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 7 - Tailor your persona

Ruth McKay on 22/09/2022

Attracting High Value Customers Step 6 - You Need a Persona

Ruth McKay on 15/09/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 5 - Bespoke Pricing

Ruth McKay on 8/09/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 4 - The pricing

Ruth McKay on 2/09/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 3 - The Secret Sauce

Ruth McKay on 24/08/2022

Attracting high value customers: Step 2 - Your credibility

Ruth McKay on 17/08/2022

Attracting high value customers Step 1 - your Website

Ruth McKay on 17/08/2022

Social media demographics for 2022

Ruth McKay on 26/07/2022

My secret social media formula

Ruth McKay on 14/07/2022

6 Common Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Marketing

Ruth McKay on 7/11/2022

Three social media posts that sell

Ruth McKay on 14/09/2021

Social media - a waste of time or a valuable tool?

Ruth McKay on 28/07/2021

We’re not hiring you because you’re too active online

Ruth McKay on 28/07/2021

The time I completed a sale lying on Hadrian’s Wall

Ruth McKay on 28/07/2021

A handy tool to build your sales story

Ruth McKay on 16/06/2021

5 Tips to Tackling Tough Sales Barriers

Ruth McKay on 27/05/2021

Jaw dropping sales and marketing alignment stats

Ruth McKay on 14/05/2021

Sales and marketing alignment - the secret to business success.

Ruth McKay on 23/04/2021

Beginners guide to getting started with Google Analytics.

Ruth McKay on 17/04/2021

Have you accomplished your goals in the last 12 months?

Ruth McKay on 16/04/2021

Digital marketing research

Ruth McKay on 14/05/2021

20 digital marketing stats that will blow your mind

Ruth McKay on 15/04/2021

What to check before you start your digital marketing campaign.

Ruth McKay on 7/04/2021

How COVID has changed B2B sales forever

Ruth McKay on 18/03/2021

5 Simple Marketing Updates to Make the Most of Lockdown

Ruth McKay on 11/03/2021

Social Media & Email Marketing

Ruth McKay on 1/03/2021

3 Pandemic Marketing Strategies With Long Term Benefits - Part 1

Ruth McKay on 11/02/2021

Four crucial digital marketing activities for your business

Ruth McKay on 10/12/2020

What’s the two biggest sales mistakes companies are making right now?

Ruth McKay on 25/11/2020

Have you noticed that your customers' buying behaviour has changed?

Ruth McKay on 19/11/2020

A top sales tip

Ruth McKay on 8/10/2020

The ugly truth about content marketing

Ruth McKay on 8/10/2020

How to create a new plan for your business.

Ruth McKay on 31/03/2020

6 simple actions you can take now, if your business has been affected by COVID-19

Ruth McKay on 9/11/2020

The 3 buying stages your customers go through

Ruth McKay on 12/03/2020

The one thing your marketing will live or die on: Your Customer Persona

Ruth McKay on 9/11/2020

Who the hell are you trying to market to?

Ruth McKay on 20/02/2020

5 reasons why you’re failing to generate leads

Ruth McKay on 6/02/2020

Lead Generation - There are only 2 ways.

Ruth McKay on 9/11/2020

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Ruth McKay on 20/11/2019

How To Get More Sales Leads By Building Great Relationships

Ruth McKay on 23/10/2019

How to get more valuable marketing leads from your website traffic.

Ruth McKay on 9/11/2020

4 easy ways to get new sales leads through online marketing

Ruth McKay on 9/11/2020

My Sales Training Boot Camp: The Journey

Ruth McKay on 2/04/2019

What is Inbound Marketing? And why is it so effective?

Ruth McKay on 25/04/2019

The only introduction sales script you’ll ever need!

Ruth McKay on 15/11/2018

A quick win marketing strategy, you can do today.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Google Ads Doesn’t Work! (For some businesses) Take our 2-minute test to check if it’s right for you.

Ruth McKay on 31/10/2018

9 actions guaranteed to increase enquiries from your website.

Ruth McKay on 25/11/2019

How to find out if your website costing you sales and enquiries.

Ruth McKay on 30/10/2018

What Will Stop Your New Website Going Live?

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Why homemade websites are no longer acceptable.

Ruth McKay on 30/10/2018

Social Proofing – your customers are doing it but what is it?

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

How will the new changes to Facebook affect your advertising?

Ruth McKay on 30/10/2018

Top 5 Reasons You Must Do SEO.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

3800% ROI – How?

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Does Digital Marketing Increase Your Sales?

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

WTF is Digital Marketing?

Ruth McKay on 7/12/2018

Supercharge Your Marketing.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

How to Create Desire, Demand and Devotion in Your Customers.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Why It's Important To Not Hide Behind Your Brand.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Small Business? What You Need To Know About Targeted Marketing

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Remember These? Brilliant Marketing Now and Then.

Ruth McKay on 5/11/2018

Five marketing activities that will turn your target market into customers

Ruth McKay on 1/02/2019

5 Website Stats You Need To Know

Ruth McKay on 31/10/2018