5 Simple Marketing Updates to Make the Most of Lockdown

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Here are 5 things you can do right now that post lockdown will increase your enquiries and sales.

1. Refresh and update your website

A job we often never get around to. but know we should. Your website is one of your most critical marketing tools but often once it’s live we rarely revisit it. It’s the shop window for your business. It’s how potential customers will decide if they want to buy from you. So ask yourself how up to date is your website? Do you have enough information about your services? Do you have your prices on your website? What questions do potential customers have about your services and does your website answer them? 

Update your about page to reflect where you are as a business now and any changes that have taken place over the past year. 

2. Sort out your database and contacts

Another job we never have time for. Well now you do! Do you have a database with all of your contacts set up? Are all your contacts in Outlook or Google Mail? 

It’s a boring time consuming job but a really important one. Get your database up to date, put your contacts in lists and you're ready to tailor your email marketing. That means you can keep in touch with your contacts which will generate enquiries and sales.

3. Update your LinkedIn profile and company page

Something else you’ve been meaning to do for months but never got round to. Even if you don’t need to update your history could your LinkedIn profile benefit from a refresh? Does it have the right tone? Does it feature your current key messages? Does it match up with what your website says?

Refresh your profile and watch your profile views increase.

4. Write your case studies and gather your testimonials

This one often falls off the bottom of the list. Again it takes time and effort but your case studies and testimonials are the ultimate sales tools that add credibility to your brand and business. It’s how your potential customers will decide if you are the company for them. And as your competitors are just as unlikely to have got their case studies and testimonials in order, you’ll have the edge on them. 

5. Get your sales processes and systems in order

Likely the dullest job of them all. but one that is the key to your success. If you’re running around trying to create sales, taking on customers and jobs you don’t really want or are simply lacking focus when it comes to your sales, then map out your sales process with measurable targets. Plan, implement and measure the results to create a sales funnel that keeps on delivering. 

Make the most of lockdown. Invest in your business.


You can easily implement all of these fixes yourself but if you want a second opinion on what you  should say or what your marketing message should be, book a call with Ruth, our marketing director.

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