9 actions guaranteed to increase enquiries from your website.

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 27/08/2018 Websites

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Here are our 9 actions guaranteed to increase enquiries from your website.

1. Add a video to your homepage

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. It keeps visitors on your website significantly longer and they remember 95% of the message in the video. Ideally add a customer testimonial video or why not tell your customers why they should buy from you.

2. Add more call to action verbs and buttons

Make it simple and easy to understand what you what you want your website visitors to do. Add more call to actions to your website with phrases like “grab yours now”, “Get in touch today”, “call me back”.

3. Use more testimonials

Testimonials reduce risk and provide social proof. From our experience that’s where visitors linger and visit most.

4. Showcase your work

Case studies, project pages, galleries, blog – show off your work to increase your credibility. Remember to keep them up to date and adding to them.

5. Include as few fields as possible

In any contact or enquiry form keep the fields as few as possible to get more enquiries.

6. Have strong call to actions throughout your website

Don’t stick them at the bottom of the page or keep them just for the homepage, place them on every page.

7. Don’t over hype yourself

Customers today are too savvy to fall for over the top, over hyped copy. Keep it simple and straightforward. Remember to clearly state the benefits you offer.

8. Make it clear what you are selling to them

A common mistake and an easy one to make, Remember, to be 100% clear about what you are selling, to whom and why they should buy from you.

9. Use amazing images

Easier for some companies than other, but necessary for everyone. Whether you have great product images or need to get more creative, customer buy with their eyes.

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