A quick win marketing strategy, you can do today.

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 25/09/2018 Marketing

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This quick win marketing strategy is one that most of us overlook and never do. Yet it is highly effective and a much easier marketing strategy than most.

So stop beating about the bush - what is it?


Get in touch with your past clients and customers.

Yes, it’s as simple as that!


We are often so focused on finding new customers that we tend to forget about our past customers. The people out there that have already bought from us. We put time, energy and money into finding new customers, which we all know is a very challenging, and often exhausting, experience.

So why not get back in touch with your previous customers. They have already bought from you, so you have a relationship with them. They trust you (assuming it went well) and you already know what they previously bought and needed. Best of all, you know whether you would want to work with that client again.


Here’s 3 simple steps to engaging past customers:

1. Export your database in to an excel spreadsheet OR start a list in excel

If you do have a database, CRM system or an accounting package that allows you to export your customer database, this will be a quick and easy step for you.

If that isn’t the case start by setting yourself just 1 hour to start your database of past customers. It doesn’t need to be every customer you have done business with. Start with those you haven’t had contact with or bought from you in the past 6 months.


2. What did they buy from you and what more could you do to help them?

A key part of this strategy is taking the time to do a bit of planning before making contact with past customers. This will make your re-contact much easier. It also means that your customer doesn’t feel like it’s a ‘cold’ sales call.

Think through what they previously bought from you. Has their business or circumstances changed and does that create opportunities for you to go back and help them. Look for a problem that you can help with - don’t just try to sell any old product to them.

If they previously bought a product or service from you, what did they buy? Is there a new version of the product or service that has been released since? Is there an additional product you think that would be of interest to them? If you can put your customer list in to groups of people who bought that product type.

The key is spending the time to think through how you might be able to help those past customers solve a problem or to offer something that is of genuine interest to them.


3. Do your research

Planning is everything.

It shows you have put time, effort and thought into contacting your customer. They will appreciate that.

So, before you pick up the phone or start to write that email do your research. Look at their website, find out if you can learn anything new from it.

Check them out on social media for recent news, updates or information you could talk to them about. Does it present any opportunities or ideas?

If they bought products from you, review their buying history. It might be as simple as a targeted email marketing campaign saying “We miss you. Discover what’s new”.

Don’t put it off. There are a wealth of opportunities in your previous clients. Do 20 minutes research and make the call.  You’ll be surprised how interested your previous customers will be.

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