Attracting high value customers Step 1 - your Website

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 09/08/2022 Marketing

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Once a sales and marketing campaign works and a client has enquiries and leads coming in, the very next question I am asked is, how do we attract high value customers? How do we get those bigger projects, retainer projects, more profitable customers who have the budget and money required? That is as they say the $64 million dollar question.

How to attract higher value customers - step 1 - It all starts with your website

Your website is your shop front window. It’s often the first experience your customers have of your business. Your website has to reflect the customers you want to attract. I’ll give you a very practical example of this. As a building company you can simply list your services, joinery, building, plumbing etc. However what this actually says to your audience is that if you need some joinery work, electrical work, or a toilet plumbed in, we can do that. No job too big or small.

However, the building companies we work with really want to attract customers who want extensions, renovations and conversions. High value, profitable projects. What their website therefore needs to promote is that they do extensions, renovations and conversions. These packages are what their customers want to buy and those are the type of profitable projects they want to promote. 

Can you turn your list of services into projects and reframe it for your audience based on what they are looking for? If that doesn’t work for you, then what case studies and examples do you have on your website that reflects the type of client and work you want to attract?

Website building platforms such as Wix and SquareSpace have their place in the world. If you’re selling sea shells on the seashore then by all means build your website on SquareSpace. These platforms are for small, start up businesses who need a web presence and don’t have the money to invest in a professional website. 

However, if you are selling a high value service or product costing thousands of pounds, your DIY website will not cut it. One reason for this is that we have all seen those adverts so we know you’ve built your own website. If you were buying a £50k car and found the company only had a poorly designed one page website would you buy from them? Would you think it was legitimate? 

Even if you have a professional website, if your website looks old and tired, is light on information, badly designed and is a poor experience, this is not going to cut it with high value customers. They’ll see straight through it and move on. 

Website must haves to attract higher value customers

  • Clearly communicate the services and in a format that is appealing to your higher value customers.
  • Your website has to scream quality and credibility.
  • Have a modern design that enables visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. 
  • Be kept up to date with fresh content.
  • Have the information your audience needs with clear call to actions.

Customers are incredibly savvy now. They also spend a significant amount of time researching and educating themselves on the service and product. Long before they make contact. This is in part due to our increasing awareness of fraud and disinformation. So you can do all the sales and marketing you like but it will be a waste of money if you haven’t invested in your website. 

If you are not attracting the type of customers or work you want to do then you need to look with a fresh set of eyes at your website. You need to look through those high value customers' eyes. You need to invest in your website before they’ll invest with you. 

If you think that your website is not portraying the quality you need to generate high value customers then get in touch and we’ll give you our opinion.

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