Attracting high value customers: Step 7 - Tailor your persona

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Let me just start with the consequences of not having a persona or tailoring your marketing to your ideal persona. Essentially you end up trying to market to everyone. Your message and content tries to appeal to everyone and as a result it resonates and engages with no one because it’s too vague and lacks detail. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone you have to have a detailed persona with a real knowledge and understanding of their situation, challenges and goals.

5 ways to tailor your sales and marketing to your persona

1. Content tailored to their pain points and challenges, your solutions

In order to produce powerful content that resonates and engages with your audience, you have to know what pain points and challenges they are facing. Do you know what keeps them up at 2 am? This is critical to generating more leads as otherwise your content, however well written, will simply be irrelevant to them so they won’t engage with you further.

This also determines the solutions you offer them. Again unless you know what their challenges or goals are you cannot offer a solution or even present it in a meaningful way.

Once you do know what those pain points and challenges are lean in on them by tailoring your content and messages to them so that potential customers become leads.

2. Website

From design to content. Once you have a detailed description and understanding of who your persona is you can then work out what information you need to feature on your website. You can create a content pathway designed and tailored just to them.

Your website shouldn’t just be a brochure featuring everything about your business. It has to feature content and services designed specifically for your persona. What information do you have on your website that would enable visitors to determine exactly what service or product is right for them? Or is your website simply a list of services you offer?

In terms of design will it turn on or off your persona? Will the images appeal to them? Get these right and your website should be converting visitors into leads.

3. Call to action

Your call to action is what action you ask your potential lead to take next. For example most website’s feature a call to action of getting in touch featuring a contact form or phone number. However, that might be the wrong call to action for your lead.

They might prefer, for example, a softer call to action initially of downloading an ebook or further information. They might prefer email to phone. Your call to action has to feel like a natural next step and not a huge leap.

Get your call to action right across your website and marketing and you will generate more leads.

4. Platforms and delivery

Your persona determines which social media platforms or types of marketing you need to use in order to reach and engage with them. There is no point in posting content on Facebook or Instagram if, in fact, your target audience are on LinkedIn.

Your target audience might prefer video to blogs. Or a live event compared to an online event. By knowing your persona in detail, all of these questions will be answered and you will generate more leads.
Remember throwing enough marketing at it won’t actually result in more of the right leads. It needs to be tailored marketing that is designed for your persona.

5. Your sales process

Once you have tailored your marketing to your persona and you are generating more leads, the next step is to tailor your sales process. This is a step often missed by many companies. They assume that once they have a lead all they need to do is talk them into the sale. However, we know our customers are much savvier than that and want to make an informed and educated decision.
Instead, you have to tailor your sales process for your persona.

  • How can you add value to the experience for them and make it a really positive experience for them?
  • What information do you need for them during this process?
  • What advice and knowledge can you share with them?
  • How should your sales process be structured?

Get this right and you will convert more leads into customers.

If you would like to speak to me about your ideal customer persona or would like me to help you to develop one, book a video call at the link below.

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