Attracting high value customers: Step 8 - Take action

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A call-to-action is a description of what you want your potential customers to do next, how you want them to respond. For example, in a promotional email it might be download your guide to increasing your sales or call now to discuss your project. They are typically a bold, hard-to-miss button used to encourage a reaction immediately from the recipient and are used on landing pages, emails, your website, social media and blog posts.

When it comes to attracting high value customers, getting the right call to action at the right time is vital. The fatal mistake is asking them to get in touch, book a meeting etc before you’ve given them enough information. Remember high value customers want content, they want to make an informed buying decision so rushing them to make contact will put them off. They will also get frustrated if they can’t find the information they are looking for. So asking them to book a call or a site visit up front is the wrong call to action at this point. 

Instead create a content pathway that leads them to and through the information they need to have before they buy. You’re essentially creating a rabbit warren on your website of information. That doesn’t mean you stick everything on your homepage but for example in your service or product pages you can create links that take them to a blog that dives deeper into the topic. That blog can lead to another blog, or interactive form, an online quiz and so on until you finally bring them to big call to action of getting in touch with you. 

This is where your website should work hard for you. It should have enough relevant and interactive content that enables your high value customers to take that next step and make contact and hopefully buy from you. 

The question is does your website, marketing and sales process have enough information, the right call to action to satisfy the needs and expectations of your high value customers. 

For more top tips around call to actions read Lead generation using call to actions: Your how to guide.

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