Attracting high value customers: Step 9 - Outstanding experiences

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As a reminder, high value customers are educated, intelligent, professional people. Therefore your sales and your marketing experience must reflect this. You have to create an experience that resonates with them, that fulfils their needs and exceeds their expectations through the entire customer journey. 

As technology evolves, it is rapidly pushing the bar higher for more intuitive user interactions and usability. Ease, speed, and accuracy is the 1-2-3 punch that will keep your customers loyal for the long haul.

Your marketing must therefore:

  • Inform and educate them not only about your product or service but also about the solutions and options they have available to them. 
  • Allow them to dig deeper and get more information about your service including the onboarding process and the support you offer. 
  • Your marketing has to be well designed. If it looks cheap or is poorly written and designed they’ll see right through it. It has to reflect your product or service as well as your position in the marketplace. 
  • User centred design is vital for learning about your customers’ needs and wants. When you have that information you can create an optimal customer experience. Therefore your website, product or service has to be intuitively built to cater to your users’ expectations and needs.
  • Get on top of social media. If you see unresolved questions, comments, and tweets on your social channels, or they are not syncing with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system then you need to invest in a proper solution to record these valuable customer engagements. 

When it comes to your sales process you need to:

  • Invest in a good CRM system that allows you to capture potential and paying customer engagements and interactions. 
  • Personalise your engagements with automated and responsive marketing. There are tools and platforms available that will allow you to automate and create responsive pages that change content to reflect where in the pathway that customer is. 
  • Make it to make it easy to make an inquiry in a manner and on a platform that suits them.
  • Make it easy  to find the information they need in order to buy from you. If they have to search and try to find that information you’re simplifying creating a barrier to them buying. You would be surprised how often this is the case.
  • Have a seamless sales and post sales process that is well planned, well communicated, meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. 

The fact is that attracting and winning high value customers takes investment, time and effort. You do not win them easily. If you want them to buy from you, you have to create an outstanding customer experience for them. 

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing

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