Attracting high value customers: Step 5 - Bespoke Pricing

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 08/09/2022 Marketing

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There is nothing worse than spending time putting together a bespoke quote for your service only for the customer to say it is way too expensive.

Previously, I talked about the importance of being transparent about your pricing in your marketing and this is much easier if you are selling fixed priced products. However, if you're selling a bespoke service or product how do you share prices with potential customers?

The temptation is to assume that you can’t but there is a powerful technique you can use to share your prices.

Create a case study or an example project, outline the purpose of the project, what services you would deliver and the results. Then give a price for that project. It can be a ballpark figure or an estimate but give a realistic idea of how much it would typically cost for that project and service. 

What makes this a really effective sales tool is that you use examples of the type of projects and clients you want to work with. Outline your ideal project and scenario so rather than selling one service or product you’re selling several at once. It’s a tried and tested way of upselling your services. It also makes it easier for customers to buy because you’ve essentially created a package for them. 

You can find a practical and brilliant example of this if you go to IKEA. What they do brilliantly is rather than just selling you individual products they sell you a whole room. The furniture, decor, flooring, curtains, right down to the candle and plant in the room. That means if you’re like me and have no imagination for interior design I can simply go and buy the bedroom someone else has dreamed up. By creating case studies or example projects you achieve exactly the same result.

I would encourage you to look at your website and if it's just a list of services or products then the question is if you want to sell bigger and higher value projects and jobs how will your potential customers know what to buy? The biggest mistake is assuming it's really obvious and they’ll work it out. You need to do that thinking for them and make it easy for them to buy. Create those packages, case studies and examples so your customers can buy more from you.

If you want any advice on how to achieve this for your business, book a quick call with me.

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