What’s the two biggest sales mistakes companies are making right now?

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Mistake No.1

Having a lack of information on your website and online. By a lack of information I mean about your services. The process you go through with your customers. The more information you give them the more likely it is they will buy from you. Simple. To give you an example on a campaign I am currently working we are marketing a building company. Their competitors websites tell me they are builders, they build things and they are good. On my clients website we have information about what you need to plan before you build, when you need planning permission, when you need an architect, top design trends for 2021 etc Lots and lots of really valuable information that builds a relationship with the potential customer creating trust while educating them.

Mistake No. 2

The second biggest mistake is price. Still in this day and age of the internet we don’t like to tell people what we charge. Yet from a customer perspective it’s the one thing they do want to know. So we’ve created the biggest barrier for them to overcome. We think we’re holding all the cards because we force them to contact us to find out about price but the vast majority of customers will just walk away unsure whether they can afford it or not. Or they will find a price on someone else’s website and speak to them instead.

The other point is that pricing is the most important way of qualifying a sales lead. If they can’t afford you then why would you waste their and your time having a conversation with them? Instead of hiding your content give a ballpark starting price so that your potential customers and website visitors have some context. If you’re scared your prices will put them off then maybe you’re charging too much or you haven’t got enough information on your website to convince them its value for money.

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