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That blogs have been rated as the 5th most trustworthy source of online info? (Optinmonster)

Consumers are 131% more likely to buy your product after reading educational content beforehand. (Spotlight conductor)

The fact is that consumers want; no demand content when they are making a buying decision. Scrolling through social media or turning to Google to answer their burning questions has become part of daily life. As a business, by producing great content you become the go-to destination for your customers' content needs.

When it comes to sales there are three key stages your customers work through:

  1. Awareness stage where they have become aware that they have a problem they need to solve or a desire they want to satisfy. 
  2. Consideration where they consider all the options available to them.
  3. Decision - when they select which company they are going to buy from.

You can read more about each of these stages in depth by clicking here

Each stage requires its own type of content to help the buyer make their decision. A common mistake many companies make is that the majority of their content focuses solely on the awareness stage, the top of the sales funnel. Very little exists at the decision stage that convinces customers to buy from you. So start at the decision stage, the bottom of the funnel and work backwards. That means that the content you’re producing will help to close sales now. 

Here is a great blog by HubSpot that outlines in detail what type of content you need in your sales funnel - click here.

The importance of content will continue to increase as customers spend more time considering and researching their purchases. Make sure you have a content strategy and implement it now to increase your sales.

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