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If you’ve considered digital marketing for your business but haven’t taken the plunge but would like to know if it would work for you, then sign up now to our digital marketing research service.

The purpose of the research is to find out which social media platform offers you the best advertising opportunity. We can tell you which is the best platform to reach your audience on, which platform is the best to remarket on and more importantly advise you on how many leads it should generate.

We we will do research across the platforms including:

  • Google ads
  • Google banner
  • Google shopping
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

At the end of which we can tell you which platform or combination of platforms will deliver sales and enquiries for your business. We’ll be able to tell you how competitive it is, the advertising budget you’ll need and whether based on our research and experience if it will deliver quality sales and leads.

Find out if digital marketing will work for your business

We’ll research and tell you:

  • The number of searches there are on Google
  • The size of audience you can reach through social media advertising
  • The number of conversions predicted
  • The advertising budget you will require
  • Your competition
  • If it is viable for your business

For only £250 +VAT we’ll do the research and create a report that tells you all the figures and facts you need to know about what your digital marketing campaign will deliver. We’ll include details of our services and costs so you can factor that in too.

If digital marketing won’t work for your business we’ll tell you that too and make other recommendations about how you can increase your sales.

What makes us UNIQ?

We don’t simply run a campaign because you’ve asked us to. We only run digital marketing campaigns we are confident will deliver you sales and leads. The fact is that unless that campaign works and earns you more money than you are spending on it, you won’t keep doing it.

Our aim is to have a long term relationship with our clients where we make them more money than they spend with us. It’s also easy to spend £250 on advertising and get nothing for it. With this small investment you’ll know which digital marketing platforms will deliver sales for your business.

If you decide to go ahead with a digital marketing campaign we’ll give you £250 +VAT off your first payment.

Find out if digital marketing will work for you - book a 15-minute call with me to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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