Does Digital Marketing Increase Your Sales?

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 07/11/2017 Marketing

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The evidence of digital marketing increases your sales:

Following our WTF Digital Marketing guide last week many of you have asked, does digital marketing work? Whether you’re selling a product or a professional service there is a digital marketing platform that will work for you.

Each of these companies took a leap of faith and invested in digital marketing to increase their sales. Here are just a few examples of the campaigns we ran last year.

The Property Company

  • We reached an audience of 57,833 people
  • The adverts have been viewed 60,029 times
  • Over 2,424 people have been to the landing page
  • The brochure has been downloaded by 240 potential buyers
  • We achieved all of this for £536.51 in advertising costs

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The Gas Company

  • Our advertising used very targeted messages and audiences in Google and Facebook advertising, social media content and email marketing.
  • Our email marketing is currently exceeding industry standards with industry average for email opens currently merely 18.2, but we have achieved 24.4%, with an average link click of 3.1%, double the current industry average.
  • To create the marketing message to buy locally, a set of Google adverts have so far achieved, 98449 impressions and 336 click through at just 0.12p per click for a total of £40. Our Google advertising campaign, to support the exclusive deal with Glow worm boilers received 172,783 impressions and 654 interactions, further aided by 2 Facebook boosted post resulting a reach of 7800 people with 234 post interactions.
  • With recent new builds in the geographic target market, we launched a campaign to educate homeowners on their new boiler responsibilities and promote their boiler services achieving 2,834 reach and a huge 165 conversions at only 17p per conversions.

The Knitting Company

  • Our Google Banner Ads reached out to potential knitting franchisee’s achieving a huge 511,213 impressions and 1990 clicks at a cost per click of just 13p!
  • We used Facebook advertising to reach a further targeted audience of 35,877 and achieving a total of 455 brochure downloads
  • The knitting franchisee’s intricate website has had great traction with 1752 visits, 6184 page views and 3.53 page sessions across only a 1 month period.

“I was sceptical about digital marketing and had only ever advertised in my local area and magazines. We did a digital marketing campaign for 12 weeks promoting our new Glowworm boiler with 10-year warranty and we sold and fitted a total of 35 in that time. It’s done wonders for our brand awareness and sales.”

Allan Greirson, Owner

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