6 Common Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Marketing

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 16/01/2022 Marketing

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Here are the 6 most common marketing planning mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Guessing what works

While trying new marketing activities and channels is a great idea; it is vital that you track and measure your results. Guessing or going by gut instinct is destined to fail and you will lose money on marketing activities that just don’t work.

There are lots of tools and platforms that can help you measure your results. Make measuring your mantra as you plan for 2023.

2. Doing the same marketing and expecting different results

In my experience what often stops you trying new marketing channels is fear. You know the marketing you’re doing isn’t working, but you keep doing it anyway. You don’t know what to replace it with or don’t want to take the risk of investing money in a new form of marketing in case it doesn’t work.

Do your research and get advice. There are lots of fantastic and exciting developments in digital marketing that are guaranteed to drive your sales.

3. Not marketing to your current customers

This is one of the most common mistakes, but one of the easiest to fix. You focus on getting new customers and forget the customers you already have. What could you deliver or upsell to your customers that they would appreciate and value?

What can you do to market to potential customers who you have lost touch with?

4. Not remarketing to potential customers

You work really hard to get potential customers to your website and they don’t purchase immediately. You need to remarket to them. You can easily do this via Google and Facebook. Very few customers buy from you the first time they visit your website.

Make sure you keep in touch with them via remarketing.


5. Poor communication

We are all so busy and inundated with information that we often simply don’t have time to work out what an unclear communication is trying to say. Unless I understand immediately, I just won’t get your message. I’ve read many websites and campaigns, and I still had no idea what they were selling.

To avoid this make sure your marketing messages are easy to read, simple to understand and easily remembered.

Make writing your marketing messages and reviewing your website content part of your plan.

6. Having no plan at all!

If you are reading this, you have already taken the first step to avoiding this mistake. With no plan in place, you will waste time, money and energy doing random marketing activities that result in little or nothing.

Put your plan together, even if it's on the back of a napkin, stick to it. Commit to it.

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