Embrace Risk to Win Trust and Customers!

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Risk is at the forefront of every buying decision for customers today. If you ignore it then potential customers become suspicious and if they lose trust then they won’t buy from you. Particularly in the B2B marketplace, buying decisions are based on finding the right partner to work with, a team they trust and feel comfortable with.

While instinctively you want to play down any form of risk and avoid it, savvy sellers openly discuss it and are proactive in addressing it when speaking to prospective buyers. They will point out the areas of potential risk even before the buyer does and have solutions to mitigating or reducing the impact of the risk. It is covered in their sales process, putting the buyer at ease. For example, any form of marketing isn’t guaranteed to work, so we will always make this clear when we start a project. We are also honest about how long it might take to work and there have been occasions where we have turned down projects because we don’t believe they will work. 

In order to gain trust you have to develop the relationship, share your knowledge and expertise; share case studies and testimonials to add to your credibility. If you highlight and address the potential risks and build trust, you will set yourself apart from your competition as a shining example of a professional, reputable and trustworthy seller.

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing

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