Insider Sales Secret for Singular Success

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Another key consideration for buyers today is finding a salesperson who will collaborate with them. In the service industry we often hear the owner or salesperson saying they will become your partner, a director on your board, whether that's your financial partner or marketing partner. However, for buyers today that collaboration and partnership needs to start during the buying process. 

Buyers today are well-educated and aware of the many options available to them. They have access to a wealth of information and in many cases have opinions about how they might address the challenges they face. So what they are looking for is not just more information but for a sparring partner, someone who takes the time to listen and understand their business and situation. Someone who can help them work out the best way forward, offer solutions they may not have considered and even challenge them. What they want is someone who can cut through the complexity of the decision-making process itself. 

Today, sellers who win have a broader ‘bird’s-eye’ view of the situation, and can act as an independent advisor to balance the buyer’s own views.

How reflective is your sales process of this new type of customer? Where could you improve it? 

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