5 Marketing predictions for 2024

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AI won’t replace content marketers

2023 was all about AI hype and the people and jobs it would replace. So can you replace your marketing person with the likes of ChatGPT? The one thing that ChatGPT can’t do is write passionate, insightful thought pieces. Ask it whether Brexit was a good thing for the UK or not and it will give you both sides of the argument. Many marketing people believe that using AI to produce content is a race to the bottom, generating poor content that customers will simply stop engaging with. 

AI has its place and can be a great assistant but I wouldn’t sack your marketing person yet (especially if it is us 🙂).

Trust and relationships will be key

Following the pandemic when we were forced to communicate, meet, and do business online, we’ve seen more face-to-face events and meetings taking place in 2023. I predict that due to global events and our current political climate, trust, relationships, and human connection will be key to doing business. That needs to be reflected not only in your marketing but also in your sales approach.

The rise of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool

I saw a real rise in the success of companies using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool. I have several clients who last year found that by connecting with and following a specific messaging formula, they could generate meetings and new business. Again it needs that human touch but I believe we’ll continue to see this trend grow in 2024. 

Value-driven brands will win

Whether you’re a large or small business your values and culture will increasingly matter to your customers. We will see consumers in 2024 continue to seek brands that align with their values. It won’t be enough to simply state your values, you have to demonstrate how you live by those values at every level of your business. Get it right, and communicate it authentically and you’ll win the loyalty of socially conscious customers. 

Hyper personalisation

If your sales and marketing strategy doesn’t require you to win thousands of new customers but a few of the right high-value customers that you need then really focusing on 10 or 20 of the right customers will enable you to hyper-personalise your approach. 

Too often I see companies employing general marketing activities to the wider market which ultimately don’t appeal to their target customers. Customers are increasingly looking for a personalised experience which is only achievable if you focus your marketing and sales efforts on them.


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