Social media - a waste of time or a valuable tool?

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 28/07/2021 Marketing

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Honestly, it often feels like it but the fact is it's an invaluable sales and marketing tool. If it wasn’t then companies wouldn’t spend the millions of pounds and time they do on it. It can be tempting to think that it isn’t relevant for your business or to your customers yet 84% of customers are influenced by social media when choosing which company to hire ( 

Your online presence has never been more important. A fact that has been accelerated by the pandemic. In a conversation with a friend last week we were debating if a particular company was still open. The first thing we did was look at their website which was still live but had no recent updates so we jumped onto social media to see what they had been posting. Nothing, in months. We couldn’t decide therefore if they were open or not.

They’re lack of presence made us doubt if they were open so we didn’t end up buying from them. Customers get reassurance from seeing that you are active on social media. It’s how they judge and make a decision if they are going to buy from you. It’s also a great way to share what you have to offer and engage with them.

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