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Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 01/03/2021 Marketing

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A Uniq Email and Social Media Package

Some of the most common complaints we have heard from clients when they have outsourced their social media and email marketing are:

  • It takes up too much of my time
  • I end up coming up with the ideas myself
  • I end up producing the content and posts myself
  • Because it relies on me it never ends up happening 
  • The content the supplier comes up with isn’t appropriate 

However, the number one complaint is, it doesn’t create enquiries or sales so at best social media and email marketing is ‘a nice to have’ but doesn't impact on my sales. We took all of these common complaints and formulated our social media and email marketing package. 

What we will deliver

  • Following an initial conversation we will create a content brief detailing the content, topics, resources and ideas to be included in the social posts and emails.
  • We research, write, design and organise 3 social media posts per week.
  • We research, write, design and send 2 emails per month. 
  • We will send you a results report at the end of the month.
  • One a month we will have a conversation with you to confirm what services and topics you would like to focus on in the following month and update the content brief accordingly. 


Review your social media posts in planable

We use a fantastic platform called Planable which allows you to quickly and easily review, add comments and approve your social media posts. You can view them exactly as they will be published. All you have to do is tick them off to approve them and we’ll take care of the rest.  

View your post in full.


Add a comment, edit or tick to approve.

See when they are scheduled for and your posts for the week.


Approve your test email

When we’ve written up your emails we will send you a test email for your approval which you simply forward to us with your comments and edits. Simple as that.


The result

  • Generate enquiries and conversations with potential customers
  • Add credibility to your brand and business
  • Significantly increase your online presence
  • Proactively market your business
  • Build your online network and audience
  • Educate your audience and communicate your key messages and products

Our social media and email marketing package is only £600 +VAT per calendar month. 

For further information about our social media and email marketing package book a 15 minute call now to find out how we can deliver it for your business. 


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