Social Proofing – your customers are doing it but what is it?

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 01/05/2018 Marketing

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When I set out on my marketing career (not disclosing how many years ago now that was) all you needed was your blue company website to prove that you were a legitimate, credible business. You won’t be surprised to hear that is no longer the case.

What is interesting however is how your customers are checking your credibility today. I’ve noticed a real trend developing called social proofing. Social proofing is when your customers not only check out your website but they check your social media platforms. They are looking to see that what you’ve posted, shared, retweeted, published and said all ties together. Does it make sense? Is it all joined up?

Everything from images, to tone of voice and your email marketing approach, creates an impression and feeling in your customers. If one aspect of that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t seem truthful or honest at best you might have to work harder to convince them to buy from you, or more likely they won’t buy from you at all.

I’m luxury, honestly

One of the most common examples of this I see are companies who are looking to position themselves as a luxury top end brand. They don’t want to spend the money which is understandable as a small business, however, you do need to invest sufficiently in order to create a credible, luxury, top-end brand that is also unique and distinctive.

If there is any part of your brand or marketing that doesn’t reflect quality and luxury, it will scream doubt in the mind of your customers.

You're worth it

It’s hard work policing your brand across your social media platforms, marketing channels and collateral. Your customers are social proofing you now. Spend the time managing your social presence.

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