Three social media posts that sell

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 14/09/2021 Marketing

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Social media is a powerful way of sharing your message, maintaining visibility and reaching a new audience of customers. Here are three types of posts that will resonate with your audience and generate enquiries.

  1. The Sales Post

Social media is about sharing great content however one of the most commonly missed opportunities I come across is that companies don’t use it as an opportunity to share what they do and offer. They simply don’t use it as a sales tool. Now I’m not saying that every post you do should be a sales post but it really is a wasted opportunity if you never tell your audience who you are and what you’re offering.

In your sales post you should remind your audience what you offer, who you’re offering it to and the problems you solve.

Check out my secret social media formula to discover how often you should do a sales post - click here.

Not clear about what your sales story is? Here is one of my favourite sales story tools - click here.

  1. The Educational Post

Social media is the perfect place to educate your audience. Drip feed and share snippets of information that helps them to firstly identify the problem you can solve. Then share with them the options available for solving that problem. Highlight the challenges and solutions. Share the benefits of your solution. 

What can you share with your audience that will help them make a smarter buying decision?

  1. The Story Post

Throughout history  we have told and shared stories because telling stories is powerful. Why? Because we can relate and empathise with them. Share stories about your customers, the challenge they had and how you helped them. 

The details of your stories are what resonates with people so make sure you include them. Avoid bland posts about “we worked with X and they were delighted with the results”. What were the results? What made it an interesting situation? How did you change their situation? What was the outcome?

Share stories because they’re powerful. 


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