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As lockdown restrictions lift and we start to find our new normal there are some big changes we face. Some of us have decided that we won’t be returning to the office and instead we’ll continue to work remotely. Some of us want to return to face to face networking and meetings and others can’t imagine having to spend half a day commuting and attending an event. Some of us are having to restructure our businesses and change how we do business.

What does that mean for sales and marketing? It means we can’t depend on some of our traditional marketing channels such as networking, events and just basically meeting people. We need to find new and more ways of keeping in touch and connecting with each other. 

Did you know over the past 6 months…

  • 74% of businesses are doing significantly less marketing
  • Only 14% of planned marketing campaigns have gone ahead
  • Cost per click has dropped
  • There has been a huge increase in how much time we spend online 
  • 57% increase in interactions on LinkedIn

While significantly fewer companies are marketing or producing content and this huge surge in the consumption of content there is a real gap and opportunity for your business.

What do we do now?

The single one thing we must do is remain visible. That means being active on social media, keeping in touch with our network with email marketing. It means networking in whatever form that takes. If you do digital marketing not only does it keep your brand visible it allows you to reach a whole new audience of customers. 

If you are already doing these forms of marketing then keep going. It’s easy to get disheartened and feel that you are wasting time and money but the key is to keep going. Visibility, brand awareness, leads and sales don’t happen overnight. It’s a regular, consistent and persistent sales campaign that wins results. 

Be visible. Keep in touch. Get results.

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