Top marketing trends for 2023

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As we know, nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. I would like to add to that the speed of change that we see happening in sales and marketing. We know that keeping up with the latest marketing trends isn’t always smooth sailing. However, it’s so important to stay ahead of the game to maintain a sense of relevance with your audience and keep them engaged.

To help you keep up to date with the latest, here are our top 6 marketing trends.


  1. Short marketing videos will be a winner

    An amazing 90% of marketers are using short-form video, which is expected to increase, and 1 in 5 marketers plan to leverage short-form video for the first time in 2023! The fact is that keeping it relevant and to the point is much more effective than using longer videos.

  2. More optimisation

    More than half of annual online website traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets! Plus, mobile experiences aren’t just important to websites, they are also useful for other things like your email marketing! 56% of marketers who work with email are focused on delivering mobile email experiences to subscribers.

  3. Social responsibility

    89% of marketers plan to invest in social responsibility content, almost double from the year before! The younger generations want us to take more action on social issues such as racial justice, LGBTQ+ and climate change. From what we can see, companies who advocate these issues have a massive impact on their buyer decision.

  4. Sales and marketing alignment is key to success

    It’s becoming crucial for sales and marketing activities to align. You’ll get a much better picture and understanding of your customers. Only 31% of marketers say that their sales and marketing activities are aligned, so there’s no wonder that it’s becoming a bigger trend in 2023

  5. Content marketing and native ads

    Brands around the world have really grown their investments in content marketing. The truth is around 47% of consumers view three to five pieces of content prior to engaging with you, and they expect you to create engaging content.

    More than 31% of marketers who use native ads say they are effective, while nearly 50% say it’s their top ROI-generating tactic. Native advertising is designed to blend in and promote your brand to a whole new audience.

  6. Case studies and testimonials are vital for your credibility

    Case studies offer your prospects an exclusive look into how they could benefit from the product. For example, when you go online to look for a new kitchen appliance on Amazon, don’t you check the reviews to see which one sounds best? Case study usage has been proven to be effective and continues to be used as a valuable tool to help bring in potential consumers.

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