We’re not hiring you because you’re too active online

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 28/07/2021 Marketing

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True story. A client whose social media and email marketing we do told me that they very nearly lost out on a job because the potential customer said they were and I quote, “too active online and are too well connected”. The potential customer was concerned that because our client is an expert in their marketplace that this might cause an issue or a problem with the project they were being hired for. Understandably our client was incredulous that having invested in positioning himself as an expert and being active online that it was working against him and in fact could lose him the contract.

In response he explained the benefits of his being so well connected and active online and the value it would add to the project. The fact was if he hadn’t been so noticeable and active online the potential customer would never have thought to contact them in the first place... 

Topics: Marketing

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