What to check before you start your digital marketing campaign.

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 06/04/2021 Marketing

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It’s really important that before you invest in digital marketing you know that it is absolutely the right route for your business. Here is a quick guide to what you need to check for each platform before you start.

Search Advertising

Search advertising covers text-based adverts found on search engines like Google and Bing.

  • How many searches per month are there online for your product or service?
  • How expensive is the cost per click?
  • Is it the right kind of traffic i.e. are the people using these search terms likely to be customers or are they completely the wrong type of audience?
  • How strong are your competitors? And what are they doing to convert visitors?


Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

  • Can you target the right audience for your business?
  • Is it a big enough audience in the relevant geographic area?
  • Costs to reach that audience?
  • What content formats are your audience likely to engage with?



  • Know what your target audience does, and in what capacity. Are they managers working in payroll? Senior executives working in sales? You can target your adverts to these specific people.
  • Are there specific companies you would like to reach? Or perhaps you would rather re-engage your website visitors?
  • When designing your adverts, make sure to choose a format that your audience will naturally engage with. In most cases, a video will trump static images.


All Channels 

It’s critically important that you do the maths. Will you make more money than you need to spend to win that customer?  For example, if your product is worth £20 and you have to spend £55 to win a customer that clearly doesn’t make sense. 

Using industry benchmarks and the information from the platform will help you determine if your campaign will be profitable. 

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