What’s Next - Five things to stave off the next (marketing) apocalypse ?

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Well it’s been another challenging year. I think if we’d turned the last 3 years into a film who would believe it? We just need the Zombie apocalypse and we will have seen it all. However, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, there is room for you to take control of little things, which ultimately adds up to big things. With that in mind, here are my top five ‘little’ things you can take control of and change next year.


  1. Know your numbers - how many sales did you make this year? What’s your conversion rate from enquiry to sale? How well is your website performing? Numbers are the language of business. Do you know yours?
  2. Your digital presence - we’re in a world that buys online. Even if you aren’t an ecommerce business you have to have a well developed digital presence that enables your customers to find and buy from you.
  3. Content marketing - your customers are content and information hungry. They want to make an educated and informed buying decision. Does your marketing give them that?
  4. Attracting higher value customers - for many SMEs this is how they will achieve growth. Your sales and marketing has to reflect the quality and value of your offering and resonate with those higher value customers. Check out my series on this topic.
  5. Offering and communicating your value - this will be critical next year with another recession in the offing. Whatever your price point, you need to communicate value.

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing

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