Lead Generation - There are only 2 ways.

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 12/12/2019 Marketing

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Most frequently asked question - how do I generate more leads for my business?

How do I generate more leads for my business? I get asked this every day which to be fair is my job. Believe it or not, with all the marketing channels available to us there are only really two routes you can go down to generate new leads for your business. It’s as simple as that.

Digital Advertising

The first is through digital marketing whether that is Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or SEO, these are all good channels through which you can generate new leads. You do need a well designed campaign, with great call to actions and a fantastic landing page which converts in order to get those leads and enquiries but if you build the right pathway online you will absolutely generate more leads.

Is it right for your business?

Digital advertising isn’t an option for every business. It’s not an option for our business. The cost per click is too high due to the competition and the pathway we would need to build online is long and expensive. Take insurance companies and campaigns, £70 per click! Honestly, you would never sleep again for fear of someone clicking on your advert.

So you absolutely must check that it is the right route for your business. If you want to know they are click here to find out. 

Content Marketing - paid and organic

Your second alternative option is content marketing. This includes email marketing, videos, blogging, ebooks, guides etc. Good quality information that adds value for your audience and helps them to make an informed buying decisions. 

Your customers want information. It’s what they need in order to not only decide what and who to buy it from, but even if it is the right solution for them. So if this is your route then you need to feed your customers information that really adds value to their buying experience. Click here to watch my short video all about inbound sales and how your customers buying process has changed.

Content marketing is also a way of attracting a new audience of potential customers who weren’t proactively  searching for a solution or information but it resonates with them so you draw them in anyway. The fact that they read or download your content, open your emails,  is 100% a sign that they are in the market for a solution and therefore become a lead. 

Now if you really want to drive leads you need to put some money behind your content. You can advertise it on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. You can do SEO on your blogs to drive more traffic to your blog and website. This will help you reach a much bigger audience of people.

Don’t forget to also share it  organically via email marketing and social media. 

To find out which route is right for your business book a 15-minute call with me and we can find out.

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