Attracting high value customers: Step 3 - The Secret Sauce

Ruth McKay
Ruth McKay - 24/08/2022 Marketing

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Education. Information. Content.

This is the secret sauce and key to attracting higher value customers. This is the step that when it comes to attracting high value customers is the one that really makes the difference. Content marketing. 

Customers want to be able to research and educate themselves before they buy. They don’t want to be sold to. They want to understand the features, benefits, the process and everything they can, including price (we’ll come back to that later), before they buy. They’re smart enough to know that if you withhold key information from them, like price, that you’re simply trying to get them to engage with you so you can sell to them. 

If you want to win those high value customers you need to have content and lots of it. The more information you give them the more likely they will buy from you. Start by sharing information with them that helps them to identify their problem. A topic that will resonate and get them thinking, that demonstrates you understand the challenge they face.

Then offer them solutions, a choice, not just what you have to offer. It’s also worth writing content about the consequences of them not taking action or buying your product. Doing nothing is always an option, don’t ignore it.

Finally, and the most neglected area of content marketing, content that helps close the deal. 83% of content is focused on the top of the funnel where customers are right at the beginning of their buying journey. What you need is content that helps them to decide they are going to buy from you. Case studies (yes those again), reasons why they should work with you, the benefits and testimonials. 

The more information you supply them with the easier it is for them to buy from you. They want to feel that they have made an informed, educated decision not that they’ve been ‘sold’ to. Your content helps to establish a relationship with them before they’ve even made contact with you. It significantly increases your credibility and it also helps you to stand out from your competition as so few companies have the resources or ability to produce that kind of content.

Content marketing is the key to attracting high value customers.

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